A CRM is defined as a customer relationship management tool. This tool allows you to manage and track all interactions between your company and your current and potential customers. The CRM gathers a wide range of information allowing you to improve the performance of your sales channel, to collect data to better analyze them and to observe your results!

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Centralization of information

We provide you with a CRM that allows you to track your pipeline from a single location and simplify the management of your contacts. Our experts will configure the CRM for you with a complete sales tunnel! Growth reports and performance reports for salespeople and prospecting agents are also available on the platform. Scheduling appointments directly to the calendar is also done directly through the CRM.

Quick and easy follow-up of your leads

The CRM is an efficient tool that allows you to easily retrieve detailed information on all activities: emails, notes, lead status, tasks, meetings, contacts in the company and contract amount. The CRM configuration is turnkey and is used by our prospecting agents and by your salespeople as needed. The advantage with our CRM is that once created, it is totally free and for life!