For various manufacturers in sectors such as plastics, rubber, wood, paper, and textiles; for service providers to sectors such as engineering, industrial maintenance, equipment, subcontracting, and distribution

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Boost Affaires will:

  • Provide advice to company directors to help them integrate a dynamic prospecting approach that takes into account your business development strategy and organizational culture.
  • Put into place a prospecting approach and simple, solid, and effective tools to increase sales by working in collaboration with your sales staff.
  • Support your business development and marketing managers and sales directors.
  • Contact and qualify businesses that are potential future clients.
  • Plan meetings, follow-up, and establish pre-sale relationships.


  • Stabilize your production
  • Maximize your investment in direct mailing campaigns and update your databases
  • Survey interest in your product/service and assess current and future needs
  • Understand market trends to frame your action plan
  • Develop a sense of trust in future clients
  • Establish a pre-sale relationship


  • Direct contact with potential clients to achieve your growth objectives
  • A better knowledge of your diverse market sectors
  • A more accurate projection of your pro-activity in business development
  • An improved business positioning vis-à-vis the competition


  • Increased your clientele, revenues and market shares
  • Built and maintained a sense of mutual trust in your current clientele
  • Put in place a proactive and lasting management approach for business development
  • Increased your knowledge of your market and competition
  • Achieved greater visibility