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For professional services such as engineering, the computer industry, information technology, training and coaching, communications, advertising, financial management, human resources, insurance, and other types of professional services.

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Boost Affaires will:

  • Initiate and put into place a personalized system for client prospecting
  • Target potential clients and identify key contacts
  • Contact targeted clients by telephone
  • Provide information about your company to potential clients
  • Create interest in your products and services
  • Motivate potential clients to do business with you
  • Organize meetings to close sales


  • Stabilize sales
  • Survey interest in your services and assess current and future needs
  • Understand market trends to frame your plan of action
  • Develop a sense of trust in your future clients
  • Establish pre- and post-sales relationshipsst-vente


  • Direct contact with potential clients to achieve your growth objectives
  • A better knowledge of your various market sectors
  • A new perception of your business as being proactive in business development
  • An improved business positioning vis-à-vis the competition


  • Increased sales and clients
  • Built and maintained a sense of mutual trust in your current clientele
  • Put in place a proactive and lasting management approach for business development