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Once your business is in full swing, it will generate a huge number of contracts, service offerings, evaluations, initial visits, and responses to clients, and your internal resources may not be able to do follow-up.

Client Telephone follow-up

Keeping the client

It is well known that 50% of clients are lost every 5 years because salespeople lose contact with clients.

Follow-up helps you maintain your precious clientele.

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Enhancing your development efforts

Our professionals will do a follow-up analysis of all “no-result calls” attempted during the previous year in order to improve your success rate and allow you to profit from your business development efforts. We know from experience that you should expect results from 25% of your list of prospects.

We know from experience that an expectation of results of 25% on a list of prospects is possible.

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phone follow-ups


« Boost Affaires is a professional people firm that has greatly helped my company in prospecting clients. With their approach, they found a way to get new accounts and get new business opportunities. Their challenge was to save us time and money while doing development... They completed the objectives brilliantly. »

Annie Prémont, Owner

« The goal is not to make calls to make calls and charge fees, they tried to understand our services to maximize the message that was delivered during the survey and thus to achieve success. I have not hesitated to recommend Boost Business services to other companies and I will continue to do so. Their integrity and professionalism won me over from the beginning of our collaboration.Getting out of a meeting and see on my cell phone that another appointment has been added to the agenda, it gives a boost! »

Benoit Bardier, President

« The Ohio team wanted to meet a minimum of twenty companies who would be pre-qualified by Isabelle and her team as to interest in considering Ohio as a place to operate in the United States and willing to meet a Jobs Ohio representative in person. Isabelle and team delivered on that, securing twenty three one-on-one meetings in Quebec City and Montreal in the short time frame allotted, a number of which have led to follow-up discussions and proposals. I will not hesitate to recommend Isabelle and Boost Affaires for setting up productive B2B exchanges in the future. »

Tom Creary, Consultant

« Business Boost gave us a very professional service. Our experience with them has confirmed the importance of delegating to experts the task of creating appointments. With the appointment schedules directly in his agenda, our representative was able to fill a usually quiet period, and better manage his travel among his active customers. Their results have been very successful, what motivated us to start and complete a 2nd term with Boost Business. »

Vicky Bourgault, Quebec division Director

« A service company, which stands out for its expertise, must overcome challenges related to reaching to potential customers who don’t know about us. A company like ours needs quality sales prospecting and follow-ups, delivered by a devoted team that understands the particular issues of our sector. Boost Affaire’s services are professional and of high quality, and contribute undoubtedly to our growth! »

Hugues Châteauneuf, Mechanical Service Engineer

« We have used the service of Isabelle and her team Boost Business for our sales prospection and we have only good words for the quality of the rendered service. Very professional team. Thank you for your excellent work! »

Dany Chaput, IT Manager

« During the past year we have had the privilege of using an impeccable and reliable prospecting and appointment booking service by top-notch professionals. We have also enjoyed quality appointments, quality services and excellent communication with Isabelle and her team. »

Colin Newhouse, President

« Choosing Boost Affaires is about joining a successful team that allows us to significantly increase our business volume and put sales efforts in the right places. Thank you Isabelle for these last 8 years of support! You and your team are wonderful! »

Jacinthe Cloutier, Branch Manager

« The work accomplished by Isabelle allowed us to make contact with clients we did not even know existed. Today, we are very pleased to provide services to some of them. At the outset, you might think that the services are too costly… but the return on investment was actually to our benefit. »

Johanne Bisson, CRHA

« Since BOOST Affaires has begun telephone prospecting for our company, our sales team can make optimum use of their time to meet with clients and prepare initial appointment presentations to ensure maximum potential from prospective clients. Her work helped us increase revenues and grow our market shares in our current and new sales territories. I recommend her services to any company director who wants to maximize business development and commercial results. »

Jean-François Gosselin, Sales and Marketing Director

« Innovative engineering is a sector of activity that has a long development cycle. Therefore, our business development plan specified that we would entrust telephone prospecting to a professional firm. Boost Affaires worked on a development project involving new territories and contacting SME and large business decision-makers. Each appointment made was very qualified. The prospects contacted continue to feed our pipeline to ensure continuous and long-term development. I am happy to refer Boost Business! »

Patrick Sirois, President

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