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The CEO of Boost Affaires received the BonBoss certification

May 14, Isabelle Dion, Boost Affaires’ CEO, proudly received BonBoss’ certification with a mention of excellence. The survey completed by employees as well as the manager, the team consultation, the analysis process, the coaching as well as the report presentation took place virtually.

The BonBoss certification is awarded to managers who stand out in the way they put human at the center of their activities. This certification allows job searchers to find an employer who shares similar values as them, promotes a healthy corporate culture and advocates good management practices.

This process is a huge achievement for our CEO who wishes to give excellent work conditions to her team as well as hire the best talents for our clients’ needs. 

In addition to being a great sign of appreciation for the CEO and the Boost Affaires team, the process has allowed us to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the company in order to keep building a strong corporate culture.

Boost Affaires is very proud to be part of the certified Bons Boss! To see our BonBoss page (only available in French), follow the link: You can also send your CV directly on this page if you want to join the Boost Affaires family.

For more information: Joanie Roy, communications project manager

819 340-0004, #208

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