Certified BonBoss for a second consecutive year!

We are happy to share with you that Isabelle Dion, CEO of Boost Affaires, has received the BonBoss certification for a second year in a row! Certainly a source of great pride for the manager!

Isabelle Dion

In fact, in the section titled “personal growth of each individual’s potential”, 100% of respondents stated that they feel autonomous in their duties at Boost Affaires! For Isabelle, it is important that everyone feels part of the team and that they are all treated fairly. The input of new ideas is also openly welcomed within the team.

For anyone who has never heard of it, what is the BonBoss certification? It is an accreditation that identifies managers who maintain a healthy corporate culture and who value human in their work.

You can have a look at Isabelle’s BonBoss profile by following the link below: https://bonboss.ca/bonboss/isabelle-dion/ (only available in French)

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